Hmm...What is ''Rhassoul''?

Hmm...What is ''Rhassoul''?

A little bit of history

Rhassoul Clay is traditionally used to rejuvenate and tighten the skin as a detoxifying face and body mask. It has been used by Moroccan women since 8th century and has been known as a youth preserving mud. In Morocoo, Rhassoul is a symbol of purification and hamam rituals. Today, Rhassoul Clay has emerged in the modern world as a powerful, toxin-free skincare product. Our Rhassoul Scrub & Mask has moisturising and clarifiying properties. All batches are small for freshness and each jar is carefully fulfilled by hand.

How it benefits my skin?

Rhassoul Scrub & Mask is a non-comedogenic, mineral-rich clay detox and face wash for all skin types that deeply cleanses and minimises pores without overdrying. This 2-in-1 face mask can be used to instantly remove impurities that could clog pores as well as a daily deep cleanser or to spot treat imperfections. This healing and ancient clay balances and clarifies without overdrying.


Rhassoul for body 

Now, we also have a bigger size jar Rhassoul Body Scrub & Mask. You can enjoy using it for the whole body and face. It contains blend of oils like Jojoba, Castor, Argan and Neroli. It is a unique product that will allow you to experience the real Moroccan Hammam in the comfort of your home. Besides leaving the whole body smooth and smelling amazing, it also helps to treat underarm areas, neck and knees. Exfoliating these delicate areas with Rhassoul Body Scrub & Mask will keep your skin youtful, soft and bright.


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