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Zawina Morocco

New* Culinary Argan Oil Health Elixir

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NEW PRODUCT * Culinary Argan Oil is made for eating, cooking and also used as a dietary supplement for its health benefits. Not only is it delicious, but in terms of health benefits, it surpasses other healthy oils such as olive oil and almond oil. It is also a healthy alternative to butter since it doesn’t have saturated fats. It can be used in the preparation of all types of dishes (hot and cold). It can also be used by people following a diet or doing a weight loss program. Argan oil has a low smoking point and is very versatile to cook, marinate, bake or finish with. Try Argan Oil as a dip with crusty bread and drizzle some over your vegetables, salads, eggs, fish, meat and more!  It adds flavor and richness to sweet and savory dishes. Nutritionists and health professionals highly recommend the use of dietary Argan oil on a regular basis.

Taste And Texture: Moroccan Culinary Argan Oil is rich with a delightful toasted nutty aroma and nutty taste similar to hazelnut and pistachio. It adds flavor to salty and sweet dishes. Be creative and experiment to find out how you like to use it the most. Make your meals healthier for glowing skin and fit body. Start using Argan Oil in your daily diet!




The benefits of Culinary Argan Oil:

Compared to other oils, Argan Oil contains healthier Omega 3s than olive oil, more Vitamin E than sweet almond oil, and has cancer-fighting antioxidants, as well. In Morocco, people have been eating Argan Oil for centuries for its health benefits and rarely produced for use outside the local communities. Recently the Western world started to catch up on this beauty and health elixir , so here are some scientific facts about Culinary Argan Oil:

• Promotes healthy hair and skin
• Helps to loose weight by lowering bad cholesterol in the body
• Strengthen the body’s immune system
• Has anti-diabetes effect by reducing high blood glucose levels
• Protects the body from cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases

 Side effects: People with nut allergies should not use this product.

How it is made:

Argan Oil is made from Argan fruits that grow on Argan Tree. It is a very rare tree that only grows in Morocco. The trees are now protected within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to ensure its conservation and ensure that they are harvested sustainably. When the fruit from the Argan Tree are ripe and fallen, they are collected and left to dry naturally in the sun. After drying, the fruits are cracked open by hand to reveal the tough argan nut inside. This nut then is cracked open, by using stones and skilled artisan hand strength, to reveal the golden kernel inside. Yes. These nuts are manually cracked opened by hand with a stone! This is the best method to maintain the high quality and high nutrient content of the oil. The kernels are then gently roasted before being cold-pressed into a oil



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