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Zawina Morocco

Argan Lip Balm

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It’s made of delicious butters and oils to keep lips soft and well moisturised. Argan Lip Balm locks in moisture and form a protective barrier. It penetrates the skin rather than sits on top of it and truly nourishes and moisturises. Without tints, shimmer or fragrance.

As we age, the lips naturally get thinner. When those extra layers of skin are missing, you need another layer of protection. Spread Argan Lip Balm evenly over your lips or use it as overnight lip mask to restore and replenish the lips while you sleep.

Argan Oil (argania spinoza kernel oil), Sweet Almond Oil (prunus amygdalus dulcis oil), Shea Butter (butyrospermum parkii), cocos nucifera, behenyl cera alba, caramel oil.

Customer Reviews

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Syahanim Shafei

What a fantastic product. I've bought many many lip balms before but this baby right here is the answer. I've had severe chapped lips and had a habit of pulling them out, causing it to bleed. And when putting on lipstick, it was always disappointing as the application always looks uneven, dry, patched - imagine putting lipstick on chapped lips. After 2 weeks (I use it every day) with this balm, the chapped lips is slowly gone and moisturized and for the first time ever, my lipstick looks gorgeous on my lips without the dead skin on it. Oh dear, this product is totally recommended. Thank you so much

Priscilla M***

I purchased it during ramadan sale and have been using it every day now. I like to use a small applicator tool rather than using my finger, it helps to spread evenly. The texture is delicious and it doesn't melt like many other lip balms I had. I like to rapply it throughout the day, really my lips never felt so good.


My lips were peeling and after one night of using this, my lips were really smooth. The texture is rich and at the same time it absorbs well. High quality!

Effective and delicious

Having a quality lip product is a must for me. I really love this argan lip balm, the moisture lasts all day and it's great to wear alone, or underneath lipstick. It has a delicious taste and absorbs easily. I definitely will be purchasing again.

Nur Ellyana Abu

Argan lip balm.. Lip balm paling best. Love it soo much. Cepat meresap. Tak tinggal kesan macam lip balm biasa..