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Zawina Morocco

Pure Argan Oil Scented

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Pure, cold-pressed and unrefined Argan Oil from Morocco, infused with essential oils and certified organic. No additional ingredients, no fragrance added.

Each essential oil has its own benefits and when combined with Argan Oil, it creates a unique blend. It helps to treat multiple skin and hair concerns and brings you aromatic experience to unwind and relax. 

Benefits of Scented Argan Oil for skin:

-Helps to improve the mood and suitable for skin and hair care.
-Rich in antioxidants that keeps skin youthful and moisturized.
-Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
-Fights acne and improves skin texture.
-Reduces stretch marks.
-Remedy for dry and oily skin types.

Benefits of Scented Argan Oil for hair:

-Softens hair and gives shine.
-Reduces oily scalp and gets rid of dandruff.
-Prevents frizzy hair.
-Suitable for scalp massage to boost hair growth.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pure Argan Oil Scented

Superb and therapeutic. I use it for my hair.

Scented Argan oil

I have purchased Argan oil with lavander scent and I can tell that this is the best thing I have ever did for my skin. It makes skin softer and gives healthy shine on your face. I also love to apply it on my lips. The result is amazing. Will purchase it again!

Nurul Azima Abdul Hamid
Wonders to the skin

Bought 2 bottles of scented argan oil. Just wanted to try out the scented ones and it were great. I have neen using argan oil in my daily and night skincare routing since 2015. This is my 3rd and 4th bottle of argan oil bought from Zawina. Think will be sticking to it for a long long time. My husband also likes the rosemary argan oil. He says it doesnt feel sticky and smells like aroma therapy

Esther Yn
Patchouli scent

I was using the original argan oil for a while now and I love it, so I wanted to try the scented one. It has very light and floral smell. I use it for my hair tips to make my hair shiny and smell nice. Love it.

Siti Naziatulhuda
In love with Argan Oil (Rose)

I have dry to normal skin. I also tend to have a sensitivity to scents, but have not had issues. A couple of drops goes a long way. I love the fact that the product appears to be a multipurpose oil (lips, skin, hair). The rose fragrance is not watered down at all and the product actually penetrates the skin and moisturizes as opposed to other facial oils that sit on top of the skin.