Mood and Food connection is real

Mood and Food connection is real

Have you ever felt that whatever you eat through the day affects your mood? For example, after eating a bit of chocolate, you instantly feel good and satisfied but eating too much of eat can cause the opposite effect on mental health in the long term. There are even new studies that show that we can actually eat to beat the depression.

So, with all the stress, work and pandemic how food can make us feel better? First thing to understand is that it is very important to keep the blood sugar levels steady. When it goes up and down, your mood and your energy will go up and down as well, resulting in you feeling even more anxious. One food that does the trick: Nuts. Nuts are a great source of unsaturated fats (good for the brain) and vitamin E, they stabilise blood sugar level and contribute to better brain functioning. Other foods rich in unsaturated fats: Avocado, Salmon, Eggs, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Now, you better keep a jar of nuts in your office!

If you work at home, there is another great snack that will give your brain a boost and let you step away from the laptop for a while. Smoothies! They are rich and creamy and great for the gut. Good bacteria in the gut is going to benefit the brain as well. Here is our favourite smoothie blend: kefir, frozen blueberries, banana, almonds, pumpkin seeds and dates. This smoothie is hight in antioxidants, which help blood flow better to the brain, crucial for thinking clearly. It is also sweet and at the same time it will not rocket your blood sugar levels.

Besides eating healthy snacks, you can make a delicious dinner for the whole family that benefits the brain: White Bean Soup. White beans are packed with tons of plant-based protein and fiber. Protein provides the body with energy, which is very important when you're feeling down. Fiber is just one more nutrient that's critical for gut and heart health. There are plenty of White Bean Soup recipes that you can make up to your taste.

The trick is to eat balanced meals and to add unprocessed food sources of healthy fats and antioxidants. By choosing wisely what you eat, you can help to ensure a good mood and optimum brain function for years to come.

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