What is Royal Sahara Facial?

What is Royal Sahara Facial?

We are not exaggerating when saying it is THE BEST face treatment that you can do at home to lighten and rejuvenate the skin. Let me explain.

Skin darkens because of sun, age, acne or product misuse. It's ok to feel unsecure about it and wanting to lighten the skin. To do so, there are two options out there : laser treatment and skin whitening (bleaching) products. The problem with the first one is the there might be some side effects like bruising, dryness, skin sensitivities to sunlight, swelling and redness. Also, the price tag can make you cry. The problem with second option is that most of lightening products contain ''mercury'' which is harmful for the skin (do your homework). In case if you decide to go ahead with one of these options, the results are not always permanent. 

Instead, introduce Royal Sahara Facial to your skin are routine, a natural and safe way to lighten your skin and reduce pigmentations. When you build a habit to do this facial at least one a week, you speed up your skin's rejuvenating process, revealing fresh, newly created cells beneath. Once you try it, you won't look back, trust me. It's rich in minerals and helps with multiple skin conditions such as acne, eczema and scars. Additionally, it contains Argan Oil and Jojoba Oils that deeply nourishes the skin while it's being renewed. All skin types can benefit from this face treatment. It is safe to use Royal Sahara Facial if you already use our Rhassoul Mask. Just make sure to use them on different days and moisturize afterwards with (Hydrator or Argan Oil).

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Wait, did you know that you can use Royal Sahara Facial on your body to treat darkening on knees, neck, armpits...? If you are afraid that your jar will finish fast when using on your body, here is the coupon ''RSF2'' for 5USD OFF when you purchase two. We got you bestie :)