Made by nature, crafted by Zawina.

''Zawina'' means ''beautiful' in Moroccan language. True beauty comes from within and natural ingredients are the key to unlocking your skin's full potential. We are minimalists and we believe that fewer but high quality products are more effective for the skin than mixing this and that. Your skin already does a big work for you by protecting you from pollution, infections and temperature change. And it's your job to take care of your skin by providing the necessary support and nourishment it needs on daily basis.

And that's why at Zawina Morocco, we carefully select and combine the finest natural ingredients, sourced from Moroccan soil, to create our unique and multi-functional skincare products. We take inspiration from ancient Moroccan beauty rituals, which have been trusted for centuries to enhance and maintain the natural radiance of the skin. Drawing from these ancient traditions, we incorporate the use of potent ingredients such as Argan oil, Rose water, and Rhassoul Clay, known for their nourishing, hydrating, and rejuvenating properties. These ingredients have been cherished by Moroccan women for generations, and now, we bring their benefits to you.

Our skincare brand is dedicated to harnessing the power of nature without compromising on quality or effectiveness. We are committed to creating products that are free from mercury, harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. By using our natural, plant-based formulas, you can be confident in the care and protection you provide your skin. We offer you more than skincare, lifestyle to pursue.

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Today, the unique Argan forest in Morocco is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.




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''Hi. My name is Camilia. I want to share with you skincare culture of my homeland. While living in different countries, I couldn't find authentic Moroccan skincare and I missed creating my unique moments of wellbeing with those aromas and textures.  After making my home in Malaysia, I decided that I want to share my love for raw ingredients and Moroccan ancient beauty rituals with my new community. This is how Zawina Morocco was born. I was never really consuming the typical  beauty standards that have been pushed on us by the industry, and I found beauty within myself and also within my culture. I love our home-grown natural ingredients that were used by Moroccan women for centuries and there always will be Argan Oil and Rose Water in our formulations. Now, in our skincare line we have bare essentials that calm and comfort the skin while being anti-inflammatory. They are effective, earthy and luxurious. With these products, you will experience a real Moroccan beauty routine in the comfort of your home. Today, Rhassoul, Argan Oil, Rose Water and other natural Moroccan products are used in the luxurious Hammam rituals and spas around the world. Now, we make them available for you.''
Message from founder.

We create natural and organic beauty that restore radiance to your skin.

We want our community to build luxurious and powerful routine with most natural formulas possible. And for this, we are committed to every formula and we test dozens of samples to select the most effective ones. In Zawina products, you will find firming and anti-ageing properties and natural ingredients that deliver visible and ongoing results.

 At the heart of a region where the countryside is wild and nature untouched. Argan Forest is the homeland of this iconic bottle, coming all the way to Malaysia and Singapore to find you.

At the heart of a region where the countryside is wild and nature untouched. Argan Forest is the homeland of this iconic bottle, coming all the way to Malaysia and Singapore to find you.


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