What is sensory beauty? And why it became popular during pandemic?

What is sensory beauty? And why it became popular during pandemic?

We are now living in a post-pandemic world and it's not easy. Social anxiety after lock down is skyrocketing, we are trying to improve our social relations and getting used to be back at the office...People missed the ''touch'' and ''feel'' during pandemic. To cope with that, we found that sensory beauty is where we find comfort. 

Sensory beauty utilizes all aspects of your senses from touch to smell. For example, when you tap a facial oil onto your skin, several senses work together (sight, smell, touch, balance, movement, hearing). This process gives a signal to your brain to slow down and relax. You start to notice the feel, the aesthetics and the aroma of the product which conveys positive messages: it can be reassuring, comforting, and pleasurable — to the point of being able to repress stress and negative emotions. 


Sensory beauty


Skincare became more than just applying the products on your face and rush back to your errands. It is linked to mental health or self-care. Sensory beauty takes the mental health benefits of investing oneself through self-care to a new level by also providing a soothing, calming or uplifting experience. 

At Zawina Morocco we refer to skincare routines as ''rituals'' because through our products we create beauty and wellness experiences that combine feel, touch, scent and visual to awaken, relieve and calm our mind and body states. Discover our rituals here. Next time you carve yourself a ''me'' time, remember to tap into your senses when using your skincare products.

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