How to reduce the appearance of pores?

How to reduce the appearance of pores?

If your pores are wider, deeper, or more prominent than they should be that's probably because they're clogged or not as tight as you'd like. Let's talk about what you can do!

First, you have to know that pores can get stretched and look bigger when they are clogged. The proper skin cleansing routine is a must to tighten and to cleanse pores. The first rule is to exfoliate the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. When you use harsh pore cleansing products, you migh damage the skin barrier which can lead to dryness and inflammation therefore more breakouts. The key is to use gentle but effective absorbent that will draw out the impurities and deeply cleanse pores. Here comes Rhassoul Scrub & Mask, a mineral rich clay that helps smooth skin and unclog the pores. Rhassoul is a powerful mask that washes away the grim,dead cells and reveals a newer softer skin layer. It is also super moisturising and Argan Oil-infused, so if you have dry or combination skin, you can safely use Rhassoul three times a week.

After Rhassoul Scrub & Mask, follow up with Fresh Rose Toner that settles into the pores and acts as a double clarifier. This organic toner has astringent properties which help cleanse the pores, toning the skin further. Additionally, it keeps the skin hydrated and glowing throughout the day.

The last step, apply Fenugreek Oil and gently press it into the skin. It contains vitamin C and has antimicrobial properties. It unclog pores, kills bacteria and fights free radicals. Additionally, Fenugreek Oil seals in the moisture and boosts your skin's radiance.

3 steps away from smaller pores

Using Rhassoul, Fresh Rose Toner and Fenugreek Oil, will help to cleanse and tighten pores, prevent blackheads and further breakouts. Start using ''Pore Rescue'' Set and get smaller pores naturally.

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