Mindful tips and practices from The Zawina Club.

Mindful tips and practices from The Zawina Club.

I am sure you also have started meditation at least once in your life but couldn't make it stick. It would be really nice to have this ''me'' moment in your day when you focus on yourself and no one else can bother you. What if I told you, you still can.

Slowing down for a few brief moments daily, connecting with your breath, becoming more aware of your body and your thoughts is doable. And it's right in front of you! Your skincare routine is the ideal opportunity for a moment of mindfulness. Believe me, this stress buster can do wonders. Here is how you can connect mindfulness and your skincare routine.

Since mindfulness must be a daily practices it goes well with your daily skincare routine. So slow down and focus on every step in your routine. You are touching your skin, you look at your skincare products. What color is it, what’s the texture like, how does it spread onto your skin, how does it smell and how it makes you feel. Eventually, this will become your habit. I promise, every time you step out of the bathroom, it’ll feel like you just left a spa. After all, you’re doing something good for your skin and your soul. Try this minimalistic skincare routine for your next mindfulness practice in your bathroom :)

The Zawina Club, with love. 

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