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Softest skin ever!

I used to bathe with this product when I lived in the Middle East and had forgotten how absolutely amazing it is for your skin care. Happy to have found the magic goop again 🙂


Worth to buy when there’s discount . Been using for quite sometime it’s no fragrance . Genuine product. Will buy again

Love the consistency. Very lightweight. Skin feels soft after apply. Love it. This is my 2nd bottle. Buy this right away guys. Even influence my mom to use it.

Works well on scars and acne

Second time purchasing, it’s a really good product! My acne problems are reducing and scars are fading, takes time but surely.

Suitable for acne

The best mask, have good ingredients, jerawat and blackhead gradually fade.

Royal Sahara Facial

Recently use and my skin texture is amazing ✨

Seems to work on some spots

i know that I need more time to leave a review but I wanted to update on my progress. So, it's been a month I was applying this mask twice a week and I already can see the difference. My skin is more even overall and some of the spots are gone. But I still have some scars, I will wait until I finish the whole jar, hopefully will have better results.

Real argan oil

I am a fan of this product, I have been using it for 2 years now. The number of times it saved my skin I can't tell enough. I used to have very dry skin and acne, nothing really gave me lasting results until a friend of mine introduced me to zawina argan oil. My skin is glowing, clear and looks younger than my age. Sometimes I try new skincare products but I always make sure I have my argan oil on my night stand.

Home spa experience

I like the quality of this glove, it works well for exfoliation. I used to buy one from shopee but it wasn't same. Can't wait for black soap to be back in stock. I really enjoy my shower routines with this two amazing products.

I really like this soap! It smells and feels great! Very subtle smell. Nice amount of soap for the price. I have had it about 6 weeks and have used about 2/3 of the jar. Will definitely keep buying this soap and other products from them.

Love the rose water, best quality and the scent is out of this world.

This is a repeat purchase. I use immediately after shower on my face, hair tips, and other areas of your body that are concerned about dryness. While there are many cosmetics that don't suit my skin due to allergies, this is good because it doesn't irritate my skin. I've heard that oils and fats are oxidized by UV rays, so be careful when exposed to sunlight. So far, so good. I can see the difference in my skin tone and texture. My skin is less dull and feels more plump. I wish a bigger bottle size in the future.

I first started using argan oil when my mother gave it to me as a souvenir from Morocco. When I bought zawina argan oil, I knew that it's authentic from its scent, colour and feel on my skin. One drop of argan oil covers the entire face and absorbs immediately. I use it everyday before applying makeup and it doesn't leave any greasy feeling. Very happy customer here. hehehe

Highly Effective

Delicious nutty taste, l'm on my 3rd bottle (1tbsp per day) .
I had unexplained chest pain/tightness for years right after the covid vaccine and now it goes away thanks to this product. My skin look clearer and glowing too.This one is 100% pure organic argan Oil! It's pricey, but cheaper than the vits/ supplemnts/meds I was taking and doesn't have the side effects.
Though there is no cure for arthritis, this may help to ease pain and as part of a natural Arthritis treatment plan.
Worth buying, Highly recommended

Rhassoul Mask & Scrub

The smell of the mask is totally amazing & when u keep using it as recommended, your skin will feel fresh


I wasn’t a fan of liquid/milk type cleanser until I used this. I like its texture while rubbing my face in circular motion. It is so smooth & my face is so clean after using it. Highly recommended!!!

Gentle Face Cleanser

I love it. The texture of it really gentle to the skin

Organic Black Seed Oil

I used it for my scalp and helps a lot. My hair become more healthy than before Alhamdulillah. Glad I found Zawina Morocco with absolutely terrific product 😆😍💕. Love it!!!

I like the idea of home facial

I was gifted this mask and I used it few times already. It's very relaxing and smells amazing. I like the idea of home facial as I am a busy single mom and I like to pamper myself when I have time. I look forward to try other products from Zawina.

On my third bottle, I love this face oil very much. I apply it on my hair and sometimes I use it as a scalp treatment. It's very lightweight and doesn't feel greasy on my skin.

Very good!

Home spa experience

I like the scent and the texture. It's very relaxing and does what it claims. The little goes the long way. I use it with the kessa glove, so far so good. My skin is so soft and smooth afterwards. I wish you can come up with body lotion in the future.

Very good

I love this glove! Good quality and price.

Forever favorite

I didn't know that Moroccan skincare even exist to be honest. Now, this mask is my go-to cleanser and scrub. I can't go a week without using it. I love it very much!


Thanks to this mask, I was able to clear my skin and completely remove pigmentations. It smells so good and I always look forward to use it. Very good at treating stubborn blemishes.