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Zawina Morocco

Rhassoul Scrub & Mask

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A two-in-one purifying mask that draws out impurities and gently exfoliates to refine skin’s texture and boost radiance. Rhassoul is a natural clay mined from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and rich in minerals. The unique molecular structure of this clay allows it to remove grime that is deeply set into the pores. 


As a face mask: mix some water with the clay in the palm of your hand to make a smooth creamy paste. It lathers well because of its mineral nature. Apply to damp skin in a circular motion- this will boost the skin’s circulation to give a gorgeous glow.  Leave the mask on for about 5-7 minutes, or until the edges of the mask begin to dry. This is the sign to rinse your clay mask off, using lukewarm water and a face cloth if desired. Enjoy your soft and silky-smooth complexion with an improved skin texture that is visible after use.  
Scrub: Rhassoul has a grainy texture which makes it perfect for exfoliating. We infused it with Argan Oil therefore it has extra moisturizing properties which means it won’t dry out your skin. Use it as your usual face scrub three times a week to reveal smooth and glowing skin underneath.


Moroccan Lava Clay, Rosa Damascene Flower Water, Argan Oil