Does Black Seed Oil lighten the skin?

Does Black Seed Oil lighten the skin?

Many vitamins found in Black Seed Oil. Calcium, for example, protects the skin and helps it retain moisture, while niacin stimulates collagen production to reduce irritation and redness. Folic acid includes antioxidants for hydration, and vitamin A helps to prevent breakouts and speeds up the healing process. Finally, vitamins D and B3 helps to repair skin cell growth and improve the overall condition of the skin. So, does it lighten the skin?


As Black Seed Oil speeds up the skin cells regeneration, the newer skin is usually brighter and smoother. The presence of vitamin C in Black Seed Oil helps to treat discolorations therefore help to achieve more even skin tone. The amino and fatty acids in the oil can fade age spots and post-acne scars. So, the answer is YES. Black Seed oil helps to brighten the skin and fade away dark spots and discolorations.


And like our other botanical oils, Black Seed Oil improves skin's elasticity to create a healthy plump look while enhancing your natural glow!


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Black seed oil nie anti aging jugak ke?

Boleh ke reduce fine line? Terutama sekitar mata, dahi dan smiling line?

Nur Ellyana Abu

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