The right way to eat your breakfast

The right way to eat your breakfast

How many times you think about eating while actually eating?

Most of the times while having breakfast we are watching videos, scrolling through the phone or taking to our partner. Being distracted during the meal causes overeating, not chewing the food properly and more... This is something that we have been doing on autopilot for many years. But now, it is time to be aware by practicing mindful eating and learn how to be more present during our meals because it has enormous benefits on the whole body and health.

Practicing mindful eating means being focused on what we eat and, on our body, while we are eating. This has enormous benefits, it prevents overeating and helps to lose weight. When you eat mindfully, you savour every mouthful. Also, it can help you recognise when you're actually full – thereby helping with weight goals. But the most important is that mindful eating involves all body senses. Suddenly, we start to appreciate the pleasant appearance of the food, its colours and texture. We notice aroma of the food, by doing that we help our body to begin the process of digestion by triggering the extra production of digestive fluids. When we’re on autopilot, the taste is likely the only sense that registers with us…and then only if the taste is exceptionally pleasing or displeasing.

When we’re eating mindfully, our body and brain consider our food as a source of pleasure and helps us to eat properly and in the right proportions. When we are not mindful, pleasure can go unnoticed and unappreciated, which is a waste since even a simple meal can be a nice thing to look forward during the day.

Practicing mindful eating during your breakfast can be a great way to start the day. It gives your brain a chance to slow down and get in focus for the day.