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Zawina Morocco

Black Beldi Soap

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Made from Olive paste, Argan Oil and Rose, black soap has a thick gel-like consistency that when spread onto the skin is a translucent amber color. A teaspoon is enough to treat your whole body. This plant-based body care product is free from chemicals and ultra-gentle, suitable for all skin types. It creates minimal foam and won’t strip the skin, like bar soap. It is known for its anti-bacterial and deep cleansing ability, not to be confused with black African soap. Moroccan Black Soap is a traditional soap used by Moroccan women for centuries in their Hammam rituals (bath). Regular use helps to reduce body acne, brighten the skin and prevent body odour. 

The soap is applied to the skin and left to sit for few minutes. This allows it to soften and loosen dead skin cells. Then, a special glove called a Kessa mitt is used to gently scrub away the dirt and dry skin. This ancient Moroccan bathing method provides a thorough cleanse that stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal, for a  oh-so clean, silky-soft skin. Beldi Black Soap has anti-bacterial properties and eliminates bacteria that makes your sweat smell. Suitable for daily use

200 ml



Moroccan Black Soap, soap

INGREDIENTS: Olea Europea Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Aqua, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Viviana Lopez
Black Beldi Soap

On the first use I noticed how fresh and clean my skin felt. The soap didn’t irritate my skin and I love the formula so soapy that way it lasts.

Zara Nazar
I purchased morrocan black soap and kessa

The soap smelled so good and all natural and the kessa made my legs more healthy by making my ingrown hair disappear

Emma Singer
Black Beldi Soap

Best exfoliation ever and it doesn’t irritate my skin. So hydrating and worth the price. After using the black beldi soap I cannot compare them to the other exfoliation scrubs used. This soap beats exfoliation scrubs. Love using it in my shower rituals at home. So glad I have discovered Zawina Morocco 😁

The best!

After two uses, I for had to buy it as a gift for my sister, really the best and softest you will ever be.

Nayla Al Misned
Love it!!

The Black Beldi Soap is absolutely mind-blowing! This soap effectively removed all impurities from my skin, leaving it feeling incredibly clean. Unlike other brands I've used, I didn't have to wait as long for it to work its magic! I used to get the Hamam done professionally, which can be quite expensive, so this soap is a fantastic alternative! I highly recommend this Moroccan soap for anyone looking for a superior and cost-effective cleansing experience.