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Zawina Morocco

Fresh Rose Toner

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Mist it over makeup, or on its own any time of the day to cheer yourself up. This alcohol free toner serves as perfect hydration for tight, uncomfortable skin types. Its fine mist also sets makeup and keeps the skin dewy all day long. Made from fresh wild rose petals in Morocco's Valley of Roses. Suitable for oily, dry, combination, aging and sensitive skin types.

Benefits Of Rose Water:

1. Controls excess sebum production and provides hydration.

2. Minimizes the appearance of pores.

3. Prevents blackheads/whiteheads and acne. 

4. Helps to treat eczema and hormonal acne.




Pour or spritz some on a cotton pad and sweep it across your face after cleansing and before applying moisturizer, facial oils, serums, or sunscreen. You can also use it as a face mist. Give your skin few sprays during the day to keep it moist and rebalance the skin's pH.

Tip: keep Fresh Rose Toner in the fridge for 15 minutes just before using it. The cooling effect will help to de-puff your face and undereye area in the morning.


Rosa Damascene Water Certified Organic by ECOCERT

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mannal M.

I love it!

Suryati Suhana Baidawi

First time saya baru nak guna product dari this brand,sebelum ni saya pernah guna rose water untuk eczema muka,jadi pulih sebab tu saya yakin this brand untuk guna rose water nya sebab tak mengandungi bahan-bahan lain,jadi bila ada eczema di muka boleh try pulihkan dengan rose water untuk matikan bakteria❤

Cheryl Yn

It's my third purchase. It's a great toner for combination skin. I use it after my face wash and I like to keep a smaller bottle in my purse to refresh my skin during the day.

Nisha Ranai

Magic to my skin. So refreshing and hydrating

Oily skin/T-zone

My skin is dry but my t-zone is oily, when I use this toner it helps to balance my skin. Very effective and smells good. 5 star