4 Steps for the ultimate face glow.

4 Steps for the ultimate face glow.

Get that dreamy skin that glows by following these steps. 

1- Go gentle with exfoliation.

Effective but gentle,  Rhassoul scrub & mask delivers exfoliation, instantly polishing away roughness and smoothing uneven texture for healthy looking glowing skin. Use it three times a week as a mask or everyday as a cleanser.

2- Keep pores clean!

Fresh Rose Toner controls excess sebum production, doubling down as a clarifier to improve the appearance of pores. It is gentle and soothing on even sensitive skin and it immediately refreshes and hydrates the skin. Right after cleansing the face with Rhassoul, spray your face with Fresh Rose Toner (Tip: leave the bottle in fridge for 15 mins for cooling effect)

3- Moisturise and brighten.

Packed with antioxidants Post-Cleansing Hydrator leaves skin instantly hydrated and silky-smooth. This jar of goodness contains lactic acid and Argan Oil to thelp even skin tone and banish blemishes. Use it everyday on a clean face, right after Fresh Rose Toner.


4- Let go old scars and dark spots.

Sometimes, we get used to our old scars but you are free not to embrace them if you don't want to. Black Seed Oil is a natural retinol that helps to fade away discolorations and dark spots. It helps to reveal a new skin layer that is brighter and smoother. Packed with vitamins, this ancient healing oil energises the skin and gives it an ultimate glow.