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Zawina Morocco

Black Seed Oil

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Fades away dark spots, discolorations and old acne scars. With vitamins A, B, and C, Black Seed Oil stimulates the growth of new cells, and improves the appearance of blemishes. After use, expect radiant complexion and more even skin tone. 



Apply few drops of Black Seed Oil on your skin and gently massage your face. It has very aromatic smell and feels good on the skin. It absorbs quickly and non-comedogenic, leaving the skin soft and glowing. Suitable for all skin types.
* We recommend a patch test before consistent usage as a precaution for any sensitivity issues.


Nigella Sativa Seed Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I mix this in my foundation on my skin and it helps make my foundation more blendable and also my dry patches are not visible anymore. I love this face oil, it did what it claims and it improved my skin texture a lot.

Cheryl Yn

I was using it for about a month, every night and I can see that my skin is brighter and smoother. I really love this oil. Definitely will be repurchasing.

Amira Sa***

I've been using this oil for close to 2 weeks, and I've seen a reduction in the fine lines and blemishes. It sinks into the skin almost immediately and makes my skin look dewy and soft. I appreciate the quality of all your oils but this one is my favourite. Currently, I am using Rhassoul and will update my review later.

Aret aet
I love it!

Absorbs fast and doesn't feel heavy. I love this oil as a night treatment, it makes my skin soft and glowing by the morning. I also noticed my pigmentations are not as visible as before. I will update my review again in a month or so. So far, so good.

Skin type: oily

I’d recommend incorporating this in your night skin routine. Two droplets was more than enough to see a difference. In a month or two. Be patient and gentle with your skin and let the oils do it’s magic.
Best product I’ve tried as it’s gentle and lightweight. You won’t feel like you have too much gunk on your face.

A bottle lasted me 6 months.