How to treat blackheads

How to treat blackheads

When our pores become clogged with debris, oil, or dead skin cells, that’s when we get a blackhead. The reason they look black is because all the oils in them become oxidized and turns dark. The sad truth is even if you visit an aesthetician who will extract them for you, blackheads tend to come back. You need a consistent skincare routine that will help to tackle blackheads and prevent them from expanding.

The first step that you have to do is: Exfoliation. Everyday, we put on makeup, SPF, we sweat, we go the end of the day, our skin is extremally polluted. Exfoliation, helps to cleanse all above and it goes one step further by removing the upper layer of the skin cells. However, if exfoliation is done with wrong product, it can push the inflammation deeper and worsen the spots, causing dryness and irritations. 


When you use Moroccan Rhassoul Clay it's more gentle than other types of clay because it contains Argan Oil and Rose Water, it balances the skin's sebum while cleansing it. It's very important because, more you use Rhassoul, more your pores become manageable and clear. Clean pores appear smaller. Rhassoul Clay is not abrasive and it's suitable even for driest skin types. So let's see how it actually works? 

Because Rhassoul is made of minerals, it has a naturally soapy texture (no soap added). When coming in contact with water, it lathers up to help cleanse and remove impurities set deep in the pores, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and purified. The best way to use Rhassoul Scrub & Mask for clearing blackheads is to apply it as mask 3 times a week. Leave it on for 5-7 minutes and let it draw out the stubborn blackheads. Because Rhassoul has granules in it, it can be used as a scrub as well to buff away that top layer. Try both ways and see which one your skin loved the most. Stick to Rhassoul Clay and use it regularly to get rid of blackheads, refine the appearance of pores and be left with a healthy-looking glow. 


Now when pores are clean, spray Fresh Rose Toner to tighten pores. Rose water is rich in tannins that have a tightening effect on skin. At the same time it's rich in vitamin C and delivers intense hydration, leaving skin looking dewy and more youthful. Using Fresh Rose Toner regularly helps to firm the skin and improve skin texture. The reason why Fresh Rose Toner is better that your regular toner it's because it's alcohol free and 100% organic, meaning it won't cause skin irritation like many other toning products out there. Most of chemical skincare always have side effects.

The other benefit of Fresh Rose Toner it's bursting with antibacterial properties, that helps to unclog your pores. Whatever bacteria left on your skin, won't have a second chance!


Yes, Argan Oil can help unclog your pores! It's non-comedogenic oil (meaning the most lightweight face oil) and helps minimize the chances of pimples and acne by cleaning out the bacteria and excess sebum that block your pores. Argan oil contains two key unsaturated fatty acids: oleic and linoleic acid. Both work together to reduce inflammation within skin and creates a protective barrier preventing pores from clogging. Additionally, the antioxidants in Argan Oil, especially the vitamin E, can help lighten dark spots gradually over time.
Stick to this 3 step skincare routine to clear blackheads, tighten pores and give your skin more youthful and radiant look.