Natural hacks to achieve a healthier skin.

Natural hacks to achieve a healthier skin.

Instead of going for facial and beauty treatment that requires you to spend thousands you can use some natural beauty hacks to enhance your skin. Here are some picks from Zawina team.

  •         Acne

There are several ways to overcome acne using natural products, one of them is slicing out the gel from an aloe vera and applying it evenly on your face. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals that boost the healing process. You may also use an ice cube to soothe your acne and prevent excess oil from clogging your pores. By now, you must know that acne is mostly caused by inflammation. To reduce it, we recommend you to use Argan Oil every day before sleep, as it’s a game changer when it comes to reducing inflammation in the skin.

  •         Eye Bags

If you struggle with dark circles, this one is for you. Grab a Green Tea bag and soak it in water for 3-5 min, then remove it from water and place it in the refrigerator for 20 min. Squeeze the excess water from the tea bag and place it on your eyes for 15-30 min. Green Tea contains powerful antioxidants that will increase your blood flow and help to give the skin under eye brighter and healthier look. And because it's cold, it will also help to de-puff the eyes. 

Or, use Fresh Rose Toner to make under eye hydrating patches. 



  •         Dark Lips

One of the options to lighten dark lips is by mixing lemon juice, honey, and sugar to create a scrub like paste. Lemon juice will help repair the damaged skin and lighten your lips naturally. Apply the paste on your wet lips everyday and gently rub for few seconds before rinsing it off. The next option is by applying fresh aloe vera gel on your lips every night before you sleep. This will help to nourish and hydrate your lips which gradually will lighten the pigmentation over time. 

Did you know that our Argan Lip Balm brightens the lips? Use it every day for a month to start seeing the difference.